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Like many neighborhoods in the Metroplex, the area surrounding Southlake, Texas, is inhabited by wildlife. As winter approaches, critters will seek warmth, shelter, and food sources in the attics, crawlspaces, and floorboards of area homes and businesses.

Trust Critter Stop’s four-step process to address your pest problem. With our critter-free lifetime guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about pests again.
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Our Animal Removal Services

We most often deal with 4 major types of pests and critters that need to be removed from your property. You can find out more about each type of critter in our Critter Library.


Rats are one of the most common pest issues for Southlake residents. Among all pests, rats are especially problematic. To keep their teeth from becoming too long, they must use them constantly.

Once a rat is in your house, it will chew on everything. It begins by creating a nest from soft materials found in the home. Insulation, newspapers, and clothing are perfect items for shredding. Once its nest is built, the rat will turn to hard materials like wood beams and drywall.

A rat infestation is concerning for several reasons. These rodents can cause significant damage to a building, from destroying supporting wood beams to ruining electrical wiring. Because they’re highly active, rats have a big appetite, and they’ll head to your kitchen searching for food. There they can contaminate food preparation and storage areas, which can infect people with foodborne illnesses.

Once a rat has inhabited a home, it will nest for months at a time to give birth and raise their young. A typical nest will be home to five to ten rats. Social animals, rats will build nests in close proximity to each other. If the conditions are favorable, a single colony can consist of 100 rats. Consider how much damage that number of pests could do to your property.

For these reasons, when it comes to rats, animal control removal must be done immediately. Once you realize you have a rat problem, contact a professional service familiar with animal removal in Southlake, Texas.

Trust the Experts

Critter Stop consists of experts in the business of residential and commercial animal removal. Once you alert us to your rodent problem, we’ll come to your location for a free on-site consultation. We’ll conduct a thorough internal and external investigation. At that time, we’ll assess any damage, identify points of animal entry, and search for evidence of nests or droppings. Once we see the scope of your infestation, we’ll work together to build a plan for removal.

We understand the urgency of dealing with a rodent problem. We treat every invasion as an emergency and will provide estimates for our services within 24 hours. The sooner we get your approval, the sooner we can begin working to evict your pests.

The first step in correcting the problem is to seal your building. We’ll patch any areas where pests may be gaining entrance. Once the building is secure, we’ll set traps where we see evidence of rodents.

Our team will remain in contact with you and will come clear the traps. Afterward, we’ll set the traps again to ensure our seals are keeping out unwanted critters.

While other animal removal company services may end here, Critter Stop knows there is work to be done beyond the critter exclusion. Once we’ve confirmed all pests have been removed from the site, we’ll repair damages caused by the animals.

We’ll also fog the area to disinfect and remove any animal odors that may attract future critters. We want to leave you with a building whose cleanliness and safety have been fully restored.

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Critter Stop’s approach to animal removal sets us apart from other critter removal companies. Not only is our exclusion process different from our competitors, but we also back our work with an industry-leading lifetime guarantee.

If a critter of any kind ever re-enters your home after our work is complete, you are 100% covered. If you’re located in Southlake, Texas, and you have a critter problem that needs attention, don’t delay.Contact us today for a free consultation.

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