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Rodent & Wildlife Removal for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Residents

Getting Rid of Dallas-Fort Worth Rodents & Wildlife - Permanently

At Critter Stop in Southlake, our team of professionals offers rodent and wildlife removal for homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area. Unlike corporate extermination and pest control businesses, our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals are committed to providing exceptional, personalized rodent and wildlife removal plans that are guaranteed to last. We offer a Lifetime Guarantee that is unheard of in our industry, and this is only possible thanks to the thorough rodent and wildlife removal system outlined below. When you’re ready to get started, contact our Southlake Dallas team. We’ll schedule your inspection and get started with an accurate cost estimate, so we can remove wildlife and rodents from your house, prevent future entry, sanitize the areas they infested, and give you back your home.  


Getting Started

The Core Job is an in-depth three step process to fully rid rodents from a home and stop them from returning. Critter Stop begins by sealing all possible entry points around the home using only the best materials in the industry. Critter Stop paints all materials to 100% match the current paint on the home to make the work as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We only use materials that we have tested and ensured that rodents cannot chew through or compromise.


Trapping & Removal


Next, Critter Stop undergoes a vigorous trapping process which consist of setting traps in the attic, crawl space (if applicable), and in some cases inside the home. When advisable the use of a one-way valve is utilized which allows rodents to exit but not reenter. A minimum of three trap checks are performed on every home to determine that the rodents have successfully been sealed out or caught. All traps will be inspected, rebated, and possibly relocated.  During these trap checks a technician will re-inspect the exterior and interior of your home. If any intrusion points have been compromised, they will be fixed by the technician on site.




Finally, once Critter Stop has determined that your home is 100% rodent free, we will sanitize the attic and crawl space, eliminating all the micro-bacteria, pheromones, biological markers, and scent markers that rodents leave behind. This is a very important step in continuing to keep rodents out of your home. With that said, some homes may need additional attention in order to properly decontaminate and sanitize inside the home’s attic. This is where our Full Restoration job is recommended. Click on the Full Restoration page to find out more.