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Poison-Free & Eco-Friendly Wildlife & Rodent Removal

Safely Removing Animals from Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Homes & Businesses

Your Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex team at Critter Stop is dedicated to using poison-free, humane animal removal methods. In most cases, poisons cause animals to dehydrate. They then go seeking out water, and in many cases, they end up dying while still inside your home or office. This can lead to a number of other concerns like foul odors and possible contamination of your living or working spaces. Instead of calling us out to try to track down rodents or wildlife that have died inside your walls or crawl spaces, call us first. Our team of Dallas-Fort Worth pest control specialists will remove all the animals from your home or office, decontaminate your living or working spaces, and leave you with a safe place to live or work.

Why Poison-Free Wildlife Removal?

At Critter Stop, we believe in delivering the best possible results for the families and businesses we work with, and we’ve determined that the ideal solution is removing these household pests without relying on poisons. We offer poison-free rodent and wildlife removal to ensure the safety of those we work with and to minimize our environmental impact.


When rodents and wildlife are poisoned, they may go into your walls, attic, or crawl spaces where they will die. This can lead to unpleasant smells as well as unsanitary conditions. The poisoned animals can also put your family and pets at risk for poisoning, and they can even spread disease. Before the poison begins to work removing rodents and wildlife from the home or office, you, your family, and pets are exposed to hazardous chemicals. When exterminators use these chemicals, they wear masks and protective clothing, but when they leave, the chemicals and poisons are still in your home.  

Environmental Concerns

In addition to potentially having an adverse impact on your family’s health, these chemicals are also bad for the environment. We want to do our part to reduce our environmental impact by using non-poisonous, eco-friendly rodent and wildlife removal methods that are also guaranteed safe and effective for families and pets.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

We have years of experience in this industry, and we know that our rodent and wildlife removal methods are effective. For this reason, we are happy to offer a Lifetime Guarantee, and there’s no convoluted legal documented filled with loopholes involved. Instead, we give you a simple process. If rodents or wildlife re-enter your home, we’ll come back, remove them, and seal any entry points.