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Critter Stop’s Lifetime Guarantee for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Families & Businesses

Results You Can Trust from a Team Who Cares

Most rodent and wildlife removal experts offer some kind of a guarantee. Typically this involves a lot of fine print that amounts to a business that doesn’t stand behind the work they do. Critter Stop’s Lifetime Guarantee is nothing like that. You won’t find any loopholes, legaleze, or confusing double talk here. Instead, we make one simple promise for those Dallas and Fort Worth area families and businesses who we work with - if rodents or wildlife re-enter your home or business, we’ll come back and fix it. You are 100% covered. No muss, no fuss. Just call the Critter Stop team, and we’ll be out to help you as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn more about our consumer-friendly guarantee below, and call us in our Southlake office if you have questions or want to find out more.

Results You Can Trust from a Team Who Cares

During the rodent and wildlife removal process, we seal entry points, remove pests, and completely sanitize the home. Once we’re done, if a rodent does re-enter the home or office, a Critter Stop service representative will come back out at no additional charge to seal access points both new entryways and old entry points that were compromised after we sealed them. Our team of professionals are proud to honor our lifetime guarantee, and we stand behind our work with complete confidence. With Critter Stop, you’re 100% covered for as long as you’re in your home or office space.

Standing Behind Our Work

Many of our clients ask how we manage to stand behind this lifetime guarantee. It’s actually easier than you might think. We simply start things off with a thorough inspection of all parts of the home or office followed by complete rodent and wildlife removal and reinspection. In short, we do things right the first time, so you don’t have to worry about animals coming back into your home uninvited.

Getting Started with a Thorough Inspection

Before we ever set to work removing rodents and wildlife from your property, we start by carefully examining every inch of your home or business. Our customer care associates will take the time to go through even the smallest crawl spaces to find all the places we need to address to completely rid your property of pests.

Going the Extra Mile

Following our inspection, we get to work setting traps. Some pest removal businesses will visit your home or office once or twice to empty traps. Our team averages four to five visits before we’re satisfied that your property is free from pests. Then, we completely remove all debris, waste, and pheromones the pest left behind. This reduces the risk that other animals will be attracted to your home and seek reentry. Finally, we fully re-inspect your home or office to ensure our work is done.