How much does animal removal cost

Pricing is very difficult to determine without a inspection. Every home and rodent infestation is unique. We price based off of features on the home, square footage of the home, severity of the infestation, weather you have a tight crawl space or a big open attic, landscaping around the home (determines how hard it is to get to entry points), steepness of roof (determines how long it will take), if we have to harness in. Each client receives an itemized list of everything they are being charged for and how much. The reason we offer a free inspection and estimate is because we do not give pricing over the phone.

What materials are used?

For a basic exclusion we typically use three types of materials. A galvanized metal .10 gauge or lower. A clear silicone mixed with a .10 gauged, galvanized metal and a concrete mixed with a .10 gauged. All work is 100% painted to match to keep our work aesthetically pleasing.

Do you kill the animals?

Critter Stop is humane animal removal company. We also attempt to use the most humane methods of animal removal. Rats and mice are the only rodent we must use a lethal method of trapping because of their size. Anything bigger then rat and mice (Squirrels, opossums, raccoons) are removed by a one-way door. This allows them to leave but not reenter. In the case that a larger rodent does get caught in a live trap critter stop will relocate the wildlife to protected land in Rowlett Texas where we have set up feeders and water sources to help the wildlife readapt to the new land.

How long does this process take?

1-3 weeks. Depending on the scope of your unique job the exclusion process will take one full day. The crew will have to have access to your attic for approx. 15 mins to set traps on the exclusion day, the client is not required to stay after that, the remainder of work will be done on the exterior of home. This will then be followed by 2-3 trap checks that take 15-20mins each. Typically, in the first week the rodent problem is solved the nest week- 2 weeks is us coming back to inspect and ensure for no re-entry. If you are having a attic full restoration done, this will take a additional 2 days in most cases. 1 day for removal of insulation and another for blow-in of insulation.

Who does the exclusion and full resto work?

Critter Stop only hires and allows full time employees to work on client’s homes. Every employee undergoes a full criminal background check and undergoes a 6 week training process with the operations manager. The technician shadows the operations manager and learns various task prior to working with any crew or being left alone on any job site.

We have had exclusions done on our home before, what makes yours different?

Unlike many other companies, we approach the exclusion process differently. We seal off all possible entry points, inspect for weak points that could become new entry points in the future, and seal features alike the original entry points. Then we put our money where our mouth is and back your home with a industry leading lifetime guarantee that states if a rodent of any kind ever reenters your home through faulty work done by Critter Stop or a newly created hole you are 100% percent covered. Other Companies tend to only seal the immediate entry point. This just allows the rodent to go to the next weak point and create a new entry point. Then the same company comes back out and charges you to fix the new hole and for trapping all over again.