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Dead Animal Removal for Dallas-Fort Worth Homes

Is that smell driving you out of your home? Don't live with it!

Critter Stop is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this unbearable smell in your home. Could it have died in your walls or attic? Critter Stop will send a certified technician to locate the dead animal, remove it, and sanitize the spot were it was found. We will also give you a FREE QUOTE to seal all points of intrusion, so you never have to experience this problem again. Call for more information regarding this service.

Why is Dead Animal Removal Important?

The main thing that you’ll notice when a small animal dies in your walls, attic, or under your home is the smell. The foul odor will likely linger, and without removal, the odds are good it will get worse before it starts to get better. In addition to the bad smell, a dead animal will also attract other vermin, birds, and carrion. Additionally, bacteria, mold, and disease can all grow within the decomposing body. This puts your family and pets at risk for health issues.

Locating the Dead Animal?

If an animal happens to die in or around your home in the open, it may be pretty unpleasant, but you can remove the animal on your own. When you call the Critter Stop team to visit your Fort Worth area home to remove a dead animal, it’s likely hidden behind a wall, inside a crawlspace, or in other small crevices you can’t necessarily access easily. We’ll start by locating the animal. In most cases, the smell will guide us, but we have a lot of experience and know where animals are likely to hide, allowing us to quickly find the deceased animal.

Removing the Dead Animal

Once the animal is located, we will remove the body, any waste products, and other debris. In some cases, we’ll need to open a wall or pull up floor boards to find the body. We will seamlessly repair these structures, leaving your home looking just like we found it.


Once the dead animal is removed from the home, we will take special care to remove all damaged structures. Then, we’ll use strong cleaners and sanitizers to fully remove all traces of the decomposing animal from your home, ensuring complete sanitization and your safety.

Additional Services

If you have one dead animal in your home, unfortunately, you probably have some live animals as well. In addition to removing already deceased rodents and wildlife, the Critter Stop team also offers poison-free live rodent and wildlife removal that is completely safe for your family and pets living in the home. If you want to learn more about these services, let our team members know, and we will perform an inspection and offer a price estimate.