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Meet the different furry friends who’ve been making themselves at home in your attics, walls, basements and more.

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Since a squirrel’s teeth never stop growing, these little critters are constantly searching for something to chew on. If you hear crunching and grinding in your walls and attic, it’s likely you have a squirrel or two in your home! Get rid of these destructive pests before it’s too late.

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Unfortunately, DFW has one of the worst rat problems in the country. Rats will help themselves to everything from the food in your pantry to the wires in your walls - and leave a nasty greasy trail of urine as they roam! Rats can very easily find a way into your home, so it’s important to choose a critter control service that will seal up all entry ways.

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Skunks stink! Literally. They’re likely not looking to enter your home, that’s the good news. The bad news is that they will set up shop under your deck or lurk in your gardens and chicken coops for food. While they’re hanging around, you can typically smell them before you get too close - but be careful! Skunks are extremely quick to spray you and your pets if you startle them.

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Possums are like the shy, polite version of a racoon. Possums are just looking for somewhere safe to cuddle their babies, and don’t chew or nest as incessantly as other pests. The one thing that makes possums hard to detect is that they are strictly nocturnal, so you’ll likely only hear them scratching or tumbling around at night. A well-sealed home will prevent possums from entering your crawl spaces, garages and attics.

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Racoons are the most dangerous and destructive of the bunch. Not only are they aggressive and oftentimes infected with rabies, but the latrines (concentrated pile of feces and urine) they create in your attics and crawl spaces can give off extremely toxic fumes. Raccoons will tear up your siding, roof, gutters, walls, insulation and more to create their nests. If you hear them tumbling around in your home, act quickly!

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Birds don’t necessarily seek entry into your home the same way other pests will, but if one gets inside - it will leave a trail of feces everywhere it goes! Birds will however set up nests in and around your home’s chimney, gutters, window frames and more - wherever they feel safe! Take care of sealing all entryways, and keep your gutters clear of nesting materials to minimize bird activity.

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rehabilitationrehabilitated animals

Rehabilitated Animals

CritterStop stands apart from the competition for many reasons, but what we’re most proud of is our humane practices. We believe in removing large animals and returning them to a safe place outside (after all, it was likely warmth and safety they sought out in your home! They don’t mean any harm!).