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Commercial Wildlife Removal Services for Dallas & Fort Worth

Rodent & Wildlife Removal

Next, Critter Stop undergoes a vigorous trapping process which consist of setting traps in the attic, crawl space, and in some cases inside the building, depending on the severity of the infestation. When advisable, a one-way valve is utilized that allows rodents to exit but not reenter the building. A minimum of three trap checks are performed on every core job to determine if the rodents have successfully been sealed out of the building or caught. On every visit all traps are checked, inspected, rebated, and possibly relocated. During these trap checks, a technician will re-inspect the exterior and interior of the building. If anything has been compromised it will be fixed by the technician.


Finally, once Critter Stop has determined that your building is 100% rodent free, we will sanitize the attic and crawl space. Eliminating all the micro-bacteria and pheromones that rodents leave behind as scent trails or markers. This is a very important step in continuing to keep rodents out of your business and keeping a clean safe environment for your employees. With that said, some commercial buildings may need additional attention in order to properly decontaminate and sanitize inside the buildings attic. This is where our Full-Restoration job comes in to play. Keep scrolling down to find out more information.

Full Restoration Services for Dallas Area Businesses

Rodents can make a Huge Mess! Let Us Clean it Up!

Rodents and wildlife in your home are constantly chewing, burrowing, and leaving feces behind everywhere they go. It is important after having rid rodents from your business to replace your insulation and tile ceilings, depending on the severity of the building’s infestation. During the full restoration process, Critter Stop inspects the buildings wires, ducting, and piping for chewing. Full restorations are very in depth and thorough. The goal is to completely decontaminate, sanitize, and inspect your attic to help prevent electrical fires, air condition malfunctions, and pipe leakage into your building.

Getting Started

This process will still start with step one and two of the Core Job discussed above. Sealing all the possible entry points and performing a vigorous 3 to 5 week trapping process. Once Critter Stop has determined that your building is 100% rodent free we will begin the attic full restoration. All the insulation, droppings, and debris will be removed either by hand or vacuum powered hoses down to the bare decking and sheetrock. There will be no insulation, droppings, or debris left behind. Critter Stop is able to do this by using state of the art equipment and highly trained professionals.


Critter Stop will then inspect all wires, ducting, and piping and begin the preparation work to install insulation back into your building. This will include can lights or soffits if your building has them. Critter stop will wrap all can lights in the attic to prevent insulation from being installed over the can lights. This allows the can lights to circulate air properly, allows electricians to find electrical components and lights easier when in the attic, and helps prevent electrical fires from occurring.  If your commercial building has soffit boards, Critter Stop will install baffles to stop insulation or debris from falling into your soffit boards where it is unwanted.


Once preparation and removal work is complete, Critter Stop will begin to sanitize the attic. Eliminating all the micro-bacteria, pheromones, scent trails, and biological markers that rodents leave behind. This is a very important step in continuing to keep rodents out of your building and in providing a safe and clean work environment for your employees.


The final step is to blow brand new insulation back into your building at the rating agreed upon with your client account manager. These jobs are very in depth and have many variables to take into consideration. With that said, there is no simple way to estimate a how long a full-restoration job can take without an inspection. That’s why your first step should be calling our Southlake office to schedule your thorough inspection and work estimate.

Dead Animal Removal for Fort Worth Commercial Properties

Critter Stop is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to the unbearable smell of a dead animal in your office building. Could it have died in your walls or attic? Critter Stop will send a certified technician to locate the dead animal, remove it, and sanitize the spot were it was found. We will also give you a FREE QUOTE to seal all points of intrusion, so you never have to experience this problem again. Call for more information regarding dental animal removal service in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Bird Control for Businesses in Southlake, Dallas & Beyond

Pigeons, crows, and buzzards are all birds that we experience hanging around our commercial buildings in flocks that can add up to well over a thousand. Birds leave their feces all over your buildings, vehicles, and parking lots. Birds feces contains uric acid - a chemical that is corrosive enough to eat through paint on your buildings and vehicles.​

If you have unwanted birds hanging around your Carrollton, McKinney, or Dallas-Fort Worth Metro office building and just all in all becoming a nuisance to your employees and clients, call Critter Stop. We will send out a highly trained wildlife specialist to assist you in putting your bird problem in the past. Critter Stop uses the best methods, products, and practices in the industry to ensure our clients that their bird problem is in the past.

Critter Stop only uses the most durable galvanized steel bird spikes and sealant in the industry. This is so bird spikes don’t weather, deteriorate, bend, break, or fall off your building over time. Call Critter Stop today to put your bird problem in the past.


Pest Control for Businesses and Commercial Locations

Critter Stop offers complete rodent and wildlife removal services for commercial buildings. These processes for commercial buildings tend to be more in-depth and may require more attention due to the size and type of buildings that are associated with commercial properties. Critter Stop can typically rid rodents from a commercial building in 3 to 5 weeks, but it ultimately depends on the severity of the infestation.

Getting Started

The Core Job is an in-depth three step process to fully rid rodents from your office building and stop rodents from returning. Critter Stop begins by sealing all possible intrusion points around the building using only the best materials in the industry. Critter Stop paints all materials to 100% match the current paint on the building to make the work as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Great company! Great Owners! Very knowledgeable!

The owner of the company stopped by during my project. He actually got on the roof and helped the guys work for about a hour. Prior to leaving he asked me how my experience had been so far. We talked for about 30mins until he had to leave. Out of all the contractors and companies that visit my home I have NEVER had the owner of a company come to my home, yet do the work on my home. Jon has demonstrated that he cares about his clients, his employees, and his company image. These guys are the real deal!

Joshua R.