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If you’re having a critter problem in Colleyville, Texas, you're not alone! Colleyville is among the best places to live in Texas, but its rural setting makes it a good home for raccoons, moles, mice, and other stubborn critters. Often, these critters’ favorite place to post up is in your own home.

At Critter Stop, we're committed to restoring your home's peace and your sanity through our superior critter removal service in Colleyville TX.

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Why Choose Critter Stop to Remove Wild Animals in Colleyville TX?

We most often deal with 4 major types of pests and critters that need to be removed from your property. You can find out more about each type of critter in our Critter Library.


While you can always remove wild animals in Colleyville TX on your own, Critter Stop is your best option for a few key reasons.

Professionalism is at Our Core

We use innovative and eco-friendly methods to remove critters.

We're well equipped to identify the possible intruders in your attic, devise the most efficient and eco-friendly way to get them out, and tailor a solution to keep them at bay in the future. For instance, after critter removal, we’ll seal up potential nesting zones and spread out granular repellents to discourage them from returning.

Each critter removal in Colleyville, TX is handled with the utmost professionalism and completed as per the client's timeline and budget expectations. Our services include:

Conducting a free inspection to evaluate the extent of damage and determine the right removal strategy
Sealing potential entry sites to prevent the entry of more critters, and set up traps for any that might be inside your home
Routine checkups to check and clear traps
Restoring damaged areas, and sanitizing to remove pheromones 

We’re a One-Stop-Shop

Critter Stop is your ultimate critter removal service provider because our services run a wide gamut.

We specialize in:
Animal removal
Live critter trapping
Ceiling tile replacement
Attic sanitization
Attic restoration, vent replacement, and insulation maintenance. 

We’re Committed to Your Comfort

Critter Stop goes the extra mile by completely restoring and sanitizing the damaged space. That often involves replacing the damaged wires and insulation, in addition to disinfecting these spaces to prevent critters from returning. We also show you how to seal your entryways, secure your garbage, and other exclusion tips that’ll help you prevent future critter invasions.

Why You Need Professional Critter Removal in Colleyville TX

It may seem benign that small animals like raccoons are making a home inside your own, but their presence can be much more dangerous than you might imagine. Here's how:

They’ll Gnaw at Your Home’s Exterior

If you’ve already got critters in your home, they had to get in from somewhere. In most cases, this means they gnawed through your home's exterior. These holes aren't just an eyesore, they also make your home vulnerable to hazards like water leaks and flooding.

Damaged Wiring

Rodents like squirrels, mice, opossums, or moles are always gnawing at something, and when they find their way to your attic, they'll make themselves busy with your wiring. The result is costly damages and a potential fire hazard.

Damaged Insulation

When critters like squirrels and mice find their way to your attic, they urinate and defecate on the insulation material. This significantly damages it, leaving you no option but to replace it. Thankfully, you can prevent this by hiring Critter Stop to remove these wild animals professionally.

A Stinky and Noisy Home

Your insulation doesn't just get damaged, it also absorbs the critter’s urine and defecations, leaving a bad smell permanently imprinted in your home despite your best efforts to freshen it up. Moreover, these rodents may die in your walls and attic, which further worsens the smell. Add in the noises they make, and you've got a winning formula for the most uncomfortable home in Colleyville TX.

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We are the ultimate critter removal in Colleyville, TX. Our professionals have been servicing Colleyville and its environs for many years, and we’re excited to continue to do so for many years to come.Contact our responsive team to request an obligation free consultation or schedule a service and turn your home into the impenetrable fortress it should be today!  

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