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Our 4-step process gives you a lifetime guarantee once critters have been removed.  We know our critters.
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Our Animal Removal Services

We most often deal with 4 major types of pests and critters that need to be removed from your property. You can find out more about each type of critter in our Critter Library.


Among the largest critters in animal removal calls we get, these critters are cute but destructive. They tend to get inside, no matter what. Once they start chewing, tearing, or breaking their way in, it’s hard to stop them. They can also be among the most dangerous to your health if you let them go untreated. A group can create a latrine in your attic that releases toxic fumes into your home.


Squirrels are everywhere in Arlington, TX, it seems. Whether you have trees close by or only have a few in your yard, you are bound to see squirrels. If squirrels get into the attic or other parts of the house, you’ll be able to find holes in the eaves, roof, or siding. Their teeth never stop growing, so they are constantly chewing. Squirrel removal is one of our specialties.


Possums are cousins to raccoons. A little bit cleaner and much less aggressive, they are looking for a safe, warm, dry place to curl up and rest with the family. You won’t hear or see them during the day.  They like the night. If you hear playful noise, scratching, or running at night in your home or attic, it’s worth investigating to see if you have possums that need to be removed.


The DFW area, including Arlington, TX, was recently identified as one of the rattiest cities in the United States. As we approach colder weather each year, homeowner calls to handle critter removal and rats increase. Rats and other rodents will make a home in your walls if it offers shelter from rough weather and if it offers access to a food supply.

The animals get in through roof vents, eaves, and weep holes —anywhere they can find to squeeze through. The disease risks of having rats in your home are well known. If you suspect rats are invading your home, we can take care of it as soon as possible to avoid any additional or long-term complications.

Critter Free Living is Our Goal for You

Our 4-part approach ensures that once we remove critters from your home, they won’t be back. By inspecting your property for free, sealing up any entry holes, removing critters, and sanitizing infested areas after removal, we provide a comprehensive and thorough way to address your critter removal needs.

We provide critter removal services to all 5 Mayor and City Council Districts in Arlington, TX.

If you have or suspect invading pests and critters, you need to address the issue right away. Putting off critter removal can only lead to more dangerous or at-risk health situations.

“No animals are harmed by our trapping and removal process. Once we have them captured, they are removed to remote locations, told to never return to your address in Arlington TX, and turned loose.”

If critters are invading and attacking your home, call now. We are ready to help in Arlington, TX.

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